Our commitment is to the health and beauty of each of our patients, while firmly upholding to the ADA’s Principles of Ethics: patient autonomy, beneficence, fairness, and honesty. By focusing on a global approach, our practice provides dental care of the utmost quality & comfort. We want our patients smiling back at us.


Dental World by Norbert Camacho, DMD was inspired in the multi-cultural urban playground of Miami – Brickell, Florida, with the goal of providing top-quality dental treatment tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our practice was developed with a desire to improve patient customer service and quality dentistry in the fast-paced city. With a vast cultural awareness and experience in treating patients from all over the world, the practice offers comprehensive and emergency dental care. We combine multi-faceted treatments with a wide array of payment options as it is our commitment to the health & beauty of each of our patients.


In addition to the office’s modern, state of the art facilities, we offer patients with a wide variety of amenities such as refreshments, blankets, aromatherapy, noise-blocking headphones, movies, & more! Our Smile Bar is meant to provide each patient with some extra comfort, as part of their getaway from the Miami’s busy city life.