Comprehensive/Periodic Exams

As a new patient to the office, a comprehensive exam is performed where the doctor will evaluate your teeth, gums, head and neck muscles, and jaw joints (TMJ). The exam also includes an oral cancer screening. Noted that X-rays are necessary as part of the exam for accurate evaluations. The periodic exam is performed twice a year in conjunction with your semi-annual cleanings and includes an evaluation of your teeth & gums. After the comprehensive or periodic exams, the dentist will provide you with detailed options on how to keep your teeth healthy.


A routine cleaning is performed twice a year, as recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association). A deep cleaning (also known as SRP – Scaling & Root Planning) may be recommended if you are diagnosed with gum disease (periodontitis). Gum disease is common and could be caused or aggravated by a lack of regular cleanings, genetics, smoking, and diabetes, amongst many other factors. Folks with periodontitis may require more periodic maintenance visits to keep the bugs causing the disease at low levels and to maintain good oral health.


Cavities are typically identified during your comprehensive/periodic exams and are the result of caries/tooth decay. Tooth decay can be caused by a combination of bacteria, acid, food debris, and plaque and could be prevented by good oral hygiene, sealants, and regular visits to the dentist. When a small cavity has been identified, the treatment will generally consist of removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling it with a resin to prevent further tooth decay and infection. If the cavity is too large or too infected, additional treatment may be necessary (for ex: root canal or tooth extraction.)


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